Flowers for Special Occassions

In most cases, you cannot go wrong with giving flowers as a present. They are a universal and straightforward, but still unique gift, especially for your loved one, and they work for every occasion. There are many occasions when you can give flowers to your loved one, and it is often difficult to choose the right ones. Other than gifting their favourite flowers, here we bring some ‘rules’ which can help you choose the right ones.

Valentine’s Day

This is the day when we celebrate love, and what represents love better than flowers? And when we think about a flower which represents love the best, red roses are the obvious choice. Red tones are a perfect symbol of romance and passion. On the other side, if you think that roses are too ‘mainstream’ and would like to go in a different direction, other flowers, such as tulips, carnation or orchids in red and pink tones work too.

Engagement Flowers

Whether you are thinking about proposing to your partner and gifting them flowers, or you are wanting to congratulate someone on their engagement, our advice is to choose flowers of lighter colours. Light colours, such as pinks, whites, ivories and similar, symbolize the white wedding theme and good luck.

Birthday Flowers

The best flowers to gift for your loved one’s birthday are their favourites. Just let the florist know which flowers you would like to see in the arrangement, and they will be able to deliver a nice present for your partner, parent, friend or another loved one. If you are not sure what their favourites are, you can find flowers that are associated with their particular birth month or zodiac sign, and work with that.

Wedding Anniversary Flowers

Similar to birth month or zodiac sign, there are flowers associated with years of marriage. For the first wedding anniversary, it is common to gift carnations; for the fifth daisies; the 10th anniversary is marked with daffodils; the 20th with asters; and the 50th with yellow roses.

Mother’s Day Flowers

It is only reasonable that, when it comes to the most special woman in your life, your mum, you want to buy and gift her the world. But often even a nice simple gesture in the form of flowers is enough. We suggest that you opt for bright, vivid colours and fragrant flowers. For a Mother’s Day’s bouquet, choose roses, tulips, carnations, lilies, calla daisies or gerbera daisies. As these are flowers which come in a variety of colours, you can even ask the florist to make it in your mum’s favourite colour.

Apology Flowers

Unfortunately, sometimes we hurt our loved ones and choose flowers to help us say sorry. In these cases, we suggest white flowers as they symbolize forgiveness. And if we may add, it might help to opt for the extra large bouquet.