Succulents are a plant which comes in every possible shape and variation you can imagine and is incredibly easy to take care of. If you are thinking about growing succulents in your home or garden, we bring you some tips and tricks for success.

It seems that experts cannot agree on the exact definition of succulents. Generally, it is any plant which comes from a dry climate and stores water in its fleshy leaves. The most known succulents are cacti. There are two main subgroups of succulents:

  • Those which can grow outdoors all year long; hardy succulents
  • Those that can grow outdoors during warmer months, but need to be moved inside during winter; not hardy succulents

Make sure that, once you determine where you want your succulents to be, you know if you will be able to move them indoors when necessary. Also, read this guide carefully a few times to learn precisely how to make the most of your succulents garden.

Outdoors, succulents grow the best when placed in rockeries because they mimic their natural environment, as well as when they are placed in groups and not by themselves. They also prefer well-draining soil, so they should be planted in soil, which is mixed with gravel or sand. Succulents don’t like water to surround them for too long or for it to stay in their crowns, and some of them can go without water even for weeks or months.

When growing succulents indoors, it is advised to use terracotta pots and the same mixture of soil and sand or gravel, as well as placing a few of them in one container rather than just one alone. Succulents are an ideal plant because they can quickly adapt to dry air and a low light source. However, depending on the type, they need at least a few hours of sun or light a day.

When it comes to pests, succulents are usually pretty resistant. If you still do encounter some, neem oil is pretty useful when it comes to both inside and outside pests.

Like with every plant, there are a few tips and tricks when it comes to growing succulents. The first thing to undoubtedly keep in mind is that, if you are looking for indoor succulents, choose the ones with bright green leaves. Those are the ones which will survive indoor conditions, while the grey, purple and blue colour variations are going to grow great outside. Even though they are incredibly easy to take care of, potted succulents with their limited ecosystem will certainly require a bit more care and attention than the outside ones. Finally, some succulents are perfect for beginners, while some are just not worth the trouble, so make sure to inform yourself about exactly which ones to get.