Wedding Flowers

Choosing flowers for your wedding day can be much more challenging than you imagine. In this article, we suggest a few pieces of advice to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Whether you are organizing the wedding yourself or you have a wedding planner, before meeting the florist, make sure you know what you like and which way you would like to go with your floral decor. It is equally as important to know the names of the flowers you like and some basic terms to make your meetings with the florist quicker and easier.

This advice seems redundant, but it is easy to overstep your budget when shopping for wedding flowers. It is important to know exactly how many arrangements you need for your tables, venue, ceremony, wedding party and guests, and how much you can spend on each of them. Once you know this, it is easy to make sure not to overstep your budget.

Choosing the right florist is essential. You want someone who is able to help you build your vision or is able to make the one you already have come true. You don’t want to take a gamble on your big day, so make sure you do plenty of research before hiring a florist; read the reviews, look at their portfolio and meet them in person.

If you are not sure which flowers and colors would go best with your theme and color scheme, don’t worry, that’s why you hired a professional! Bring your samples and color swatches and your florist should be able to provide you with a few options to choose from. Make sure to keep your theme in mind, so that you don’t end up mixing a rustic theme with elegant rose bouquets and vice versa.

Not all flowers are readily available throughout the year. The flowers that are currently not in season will be harder and much more expensive to get, plus you’re risking getting poorly cultivated flowers that won’t survive until the end of your wedding day. Make sure to talk to your florist about the best options for the season and your wedding day, and to get good quality flowers.

Once you know your theme, your color scheme and your budget, the hardest work is done. It can be frustrating having to choose only one option of arrangements, but once you have your bridal bouquet chosen, the rest should be easier. Not all the arrangements should be identical to your bouquet, but they should definitely be complementary.